Groove3 Polyend Tracker Beginner's Guide

Groove3 Polyend Tracker Beginner's Guide

Studio expert Josh Bess presents a comprehensive set of Polyend Tracker video tutorials! If you're excited to get started with the Polyend Tracker's impressive list of audio tools, but you're a little intimidated with the unique approach of this instrument, this course is for you. Josh walks you through all the basics, so you'll be well-versed in both functionality and workflow. He then covers a wide range of specific topics to get you more familiar with some of the wide-reaching applications of this piece of hardware. These videos are for new Polyend Tracker users.

Josh welcomes you and begins with an overview of everything that will be covered in the course followed by a tour of the interface, where you'll learn how to open projects and work within the Master Mode, Song Mode, and Pattern Mode. Then learn how to navigate through Tracker's various parameters, screens, and features.

Next, explore the process of tracking a song, including starting a new project, setting a pattern length, loading and renaming instruments, recording patterns in real-time and step mode, and more. Discover how to adjust the note cutoff modes, use effects, create arpeggios, and use other features to polish and perfect your patterns.

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll learn many more useful features of Tracker, including how to mix your project, creating songs, adjusting project settings to customize your workflow, adjusting metronome settings, updating the firmware, and more!

To see exactly what these in-depth Polyend Tracker tutorials contain, and how they'll help you start creating right away with this powerful instrument, check out the individual Polyend Tracker video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to harness the creative power that lies within Tracker... watch Polyend Tracker: Beginner's Guide now!

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