Groove3 Bitwig Studio Modulation Effects Explained®

Groove3 Bitwig Studio Modulation Effects Explained®

Studio pro Gary Hiebner presents in-depth Bitwig Studio Modulation Effects video tutorials! If the absolutely daunting amount of modulation possibilities found within Bitwig Studio leaves you wondering where to begin, this is the course for you. Gary takes you step by step through the lot, demonstrating along the way how the various features can be used in a variety of musical situations to generate truly unique sounds. These videos are for new Bitwig Studio users.

Gary welcomes you and begins with a brief introduction on the Bitwig modulation system, what it is, and what it can do, setting the stage for the subjects to come. After explaining how to show, view, and assign various modulators, he begins first by covering the various LFOs, highlighting the differences between them. Then you'll begin to explore some of the many modulators available, including Expression, Timbre, Keytrack, and many more.

Next, explore the available macros - including single macros and Macro-4 - which allow you to control various parameters via rotary knobs in different parts of the effects chain. These powerful devices present a quick and easy method for serious tonal tweaking!

Throughout the rest of the course, you'll explore many more modulator types, including Button, Steps, Random, Mix, Select 4, Morphing, and more. You'll also discover how to modulate 3rd party effects and instruments, Note FX, and even other modulators!

To see exactly what's contained in these in-depth Bitwig Studio Modulation tutorials, and how they'll help make sense of the enormous potential contained within, see the individual video tutorial descriptions on this page. You'll never run out of ideas again ... Watch “Bitwig Studio Modulation Effects Explained®” now!

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