Truefire Ted Ludwig's 30 Jazz 2-5-1 Licks You MUST Know

Truefire Ted Ludwig's 30 Jazz 2-5-1 Licks You MUST Know

The most commonly encountered chord progression across the entire jazz standard songbook is the 2-5-1 in both major and minor keys. The broader your vocabulary of 2-5-1 lines, the more creative you can be with your solos. And once you understand how to craft your own 2-5-1 lines, you can take your improvisational skills to a whole new level.

In this collection of 30 Jazz 2-5-1 lines from Ted Ludwig, you’ll not only expand your 2-5-1 vocabulary, you’ll also learn how to construct your own lines using a variety of harmonic approaches.

”I’ll demonstrate each one over a backing track for musical context. You can practice by playing along with me and then playing over the backing track by yourself.

I will also describe how each line was constructed using approaches like altered scales, sub-dominant minors, tritone subs, pentatonic shifts, triad pairs, and other approaches so that you can create your own 2-5-1 lines on the fly when improvising.”

You’ll get standard notation and tabs for all of the playing examples and performance studies. Plus, you’ll be able to use TrueFire’s learning tools to sync the tab and notation to the video lesson.

You can also loop or slow down any of the videos to work with the lessons at your own pace. All of the backing tracks are also included as well.

Grab your guitar, and let's comp with Ted Ludwig!

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