Udemy Music Marketing and Music Promotion 102: Essentials

Udemy Music Marketing and Music Promotion 102: Essentials

The videos in this course are designed specifically to help artists and producers like you, confidently release and market their music.

Tomas George is a full-time music production instructor and educator

Got music to release but not sure what to do?

This course was designed for you.

And Christopher Carvalho runs Unlock Your Sound, helping independent music artists release their music, and build their businesses. Christopher uses these principles and strategies on a daily basis with his artist clients.

In this course, we teach you timeless marketing principles that focus on what matters most, building and cultivating a loyal fan base.

This course will cover such topics as :

Tips for Building a Release Strategy
Organizing a Release in Trello
Marketing Funnels for Music Artists
Building an Audience and Setting up a Welcome Message in Mailchimp
What NOT to do When Promoting your Music
Marketing Lingo
An Introduction to Print on Demand Merch and Teespring
Different ways to Design your T-Shirts
Finding Freelancers to help Design your Merch
Instagram Merch Tips
And Much More!

By the end of the course, you'll be able to take the concepts and strategies you learned and apply them forever.

Our Promise to You

If you have any questions about the content, we will always be responsive to questions and direct messages.

If this sounds like the course you need, then hit the enroll button and we'll see you in the first lecture!

What you'll learn
Marketing concepts
Tips on building a release strategy
Tips on organising a release
What NOT to do when promoting music
Email marketing
Creating and selling merch

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