GuitarZoom Essential Techniques 2020

GuitarZoom Essential Techniques 2020

Thank you for joining this guitar course! We will explore all the essential techniques that you need to become a more advanced player: chords, strumming, picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs, tapping and many other aspects that will be fundamental in improving your playing.
Make sure to spend quality time on each of these topics, you don't have to strictly follow the order but watching each video in sequence will ensure that you will be able to get every reference that at times will be made throughout the course.

3. The Picking Hand
4. The Fretting Hand
5. Hand Synchronization
6. Slides and Vibrato
7. Bends
8. Arpeggios
9. Other Techniques
10. Acoustic Techniques

With pdf tab book and 110 paged pdf instructional book

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