GuitarZoom Creative Blues Soloing 2021

GuitarZoom Creative Blues Soloing 2021

Welcome to this guitar course! We will look at various things you can add to your playing in order to avoid using the same old phrasings again and again over blues and rock progressions and get more creative with your solos. As you learn each new element make sure to spend some time practicing with it and exploring all the options it can open up when integrating it into your playing.

Using Major Pentatonic Over IV, Six Licks and their variations, Using Altered Notes Over IV And V, The Blue Note, Adding Major 3rd Over Minor Pentatonic,
The Major Licks, Symmetric Patterns, SRV-Style Licks, Other Symmetric Patterns, Diminished Shape, Mixolydian Shape, Shuffle Jam, A Minor Pentatonic Key.

PDF with tabs and tutorials included.

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