Udemy Unity Game Audio: Adding Sound to a Game for Beginners

Udemy Unity Game Audio: Adding Sound to a Game for Beginners

In this course you'll learn how to navigate within the Unity game engine and how to add sounds to make your scene come to life.

Every section goes over a fundamental aspect of implementing sound design. With this knowledge you can then tackle most (basic) games. You can compare it to drawing the human body. You first need to know the fundamentals (the basics), before you can make stylized character designs. With this I mean that after this course, you'll be able to gather your knowledge and experiment/fully implement your sound design in (smaller) games.

In some sections you'll also be getting some game objects and (free to use) audio files. These files are a mixture of my own written scripts and Unity's Assets (which are free to use through their Asset Store). This way you can focus on the course without having to create any (sound) assets of your own. Feel free to implement your own sound assets to practice and/or experiment.

You'll learn how to...

make the environment sound more believable by adding ambiances and music.
script and add audio to animations, actions and UI-elements within Unity.
add audio (such as footsteps) to your characters.
mix and fine-tune with Unity's Audio Mixers.

I created this course because I couldn't find any other 'sound in Unity' tutorials on Udemy or YouTube that went in depth. I remember, back in my student days, I wanted a full tutorial that allowed me to know the basics and allowed me to advance even further. This tutorial is what I feel is missing out there and is something that would have helped me greatly in the past.

What you'll learn:

Implementing Audio in a Unity Project.
Basic C# Programming.
Learn various techniques which help add audio to a game.
Add audio variations to break repetitiveness.
Linking audio to animation events.
How to easily add audio to menu buttons.

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