Music Protest Mixing Bass for Low End Consistency

Music Protest Mixing Bass for Low End Consistency

If you feel like the bass response in your mixes is inconsistent or weak, you may need to reconsider the tools and methods you're using to optimize your bass. This course focuses on the tools in Neutron and strategies for improving the consistency of your low-end/bass (that apply to many other software and hardware tools). However, some of the strategies in this course can be applied with many tools on the market.

For the past 15 years, I've recorded and mixed audio from live settings (including San Francisco's Fillmore) to the studio. One of the most challenging audio tasks?... getting bass to fill out consistently, without being overbearing or underwhelming. This course covers tips and best practices for managing and optimizing your bass with modern tools (like Neutron's dynamic EQ).

You'll learn:

Which Neutron tools apply to bass
Quick fixes for weak bass
Using automation for bass
Tips for applying dynamic EQ
How and when to use multiband compression

As you continue through the course, you'll be learning everything you need to complete the class project - a great way to take ownership of the skills and knowledge in this training. Good luck!

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