Music Protest Rapid Rock Production in Cubase

Music Protest Rapid Rock Production in Cubase

Mixing Rock Music
Cubase offers rock producers fast access to great drum beats, loops for guitar and bass and the tools to mix, edit and pre-master like a pro. If you’re a Cubase user and looking to up your skills with Cubase’s built-in tools then this course will get you there!

Where You’ll Start…
We’ll get right into a fresh project:

Finding loops in Media Bay
Pulling a great drum part from Groove Agent
Building our arrangement
From start to finish in 45 minutes!

Compose, Arrange, Export
I’ve done production professionally and as home-based producer for almost 20 years. I’ve always done my most challenging mixing projects in Cubase because it has all the tools I need in one place – oriented around a powerful, rapid music production workflow. In this course, I’ll share my tips and best practices for super-rapid production using loops, drum grooves, arranger track and built-in plugins.

When You’re Finished…
You’ll be creating better music more quickly. Of course, you can always add your own tracks – I’m not going to force you to use loops :). But, this course will assemble a complete track in about 45 minutes… giving you a bunch of workflow tips along the way!

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