SkillShare Back To Basics Piano Lesson 9

SkillShare Back To Basics Piano Lesson 9

Back to Basics Piano Lesson 9 by primopiano4u, is the ninth lesson in this series for beginners who want to play like a professional pianist, by learning the fundamental basics of how to play piano and basic music theory by adding the C Major Chord to your technical repertoire. You’ll learn and apply the C Major Triad in Solid and Broken form in this lesson through specially selected songs. I’ve included sheet music and midis, so you can follow along.

Course Outline

C Chord Structure
The C Major Triad - Solid
The C Major Triad - Broken
The C Chord March
Playful Porpoise
Song For A Scarecrow
Class Project – C Major Chord Flashcard Song

Class Project: Make your own flashcards adding the C Major Chord in Solid and Broken form, mix them up and play your own song with the C Major Solid and Broken Chord at the keyboard. Post pictures of your flashcards and post a video of you playing your C Major Chord flashcard song.

Materials needed: scissors, staff paper/blank paper, marker

Instructions: Print the staff paper or use a blank sheet of paper and draw the C Major Chord notes we learned in today’s lesson in both the Bass Clef and the Treble clef. Cut it out and on the back write the name of the C Major Chord notes.

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