Mixtank.tv Jacky Secrets Track Walkthrough

Mixtank.tv Jacky Secrets Track Walkthrough

Taking an in-depth look at his latest track 'Secrets', Jacky breaks down the production process in this eight chapter track walkthrough. Featuring advanced techniques to help you get the best out of Ableton, Jacky covers topics including the effective use of samplers, how to build a step sequencer within Ableton, and how to use vocals to create a range of adlibs and effects. Across 2.5 hours of video, you'll get a detailed insight into Jacky's approach to production, as well as tips on common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Introduction & Track Playthrough
How To Start Drums
Creating Basslines
Samples & Hooks
Leads & Melodies
Fills, FX & Automation
Track Arrangement
Mixdown & DJ Master

DAW - Ableton
Run Time - 02:40:28

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