Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs Marsh Heaven

Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs Marsh Heaven

Here at Sonic Academy, we are super excited and proud to bring you a brand new tutor and Ajunadeep virtuoso Marsh for an in-depth 'Track Walkthrough' of his floor-filling classic Heaven!

Taken from his new EP of the same name, this is a track originally born from a YouTube challenge using computer game samples that has grown into a surefire dance floor classic with a definite nod to some 90's vibes thrown in for good measure.

Over 2 hours of first-class content, Marsh takes us through each element of how he built this track and the processing and plugins involved. From getting the mix on your kick and bass just right to creating your own synth sounds by editing samples, this is a walkthrough from a true pro who has a passionate understanding of what his fans want in a track and how to achieve it.

As Marsh says himself, this is the most in-depth and detailed walkthrough he's done to date so don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best.

Go check it out!

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