PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 7

PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 7

The notes from the producer are in, and the mix is nearly complete. In this final episode, Tony returns to the Fabulous Room at Flux Studios NYC to complete his mix of "Lifeboats" by Will Knox.

See how Tony Maserati:

Reviews his notes from Fab Dupont, who produced "Lifeboats"
Tightens up automation on the backbeat guitar
Uses clip gain to address particular hits that are poking out of the mix
Uses clip gain to adjust drastic ess-ing problems in the lead vocal
Works on a texture for the ARP synth track
Automates the parallel vocal channel to bring out the nuances of the vocal performance in critical sections
Discusses sending to the artist and producer before management and the label
Prints his final mix of "Lifeboats" by Will Knox
Watch Tony Maserati mix "Lifeboats" from Will Knox. Only on pureMix.net

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