GuitarZoom Masterclass Recording

GuitarZoom Masterclass Recording

Make Great Home Recordings

01 First Steps In Home Recording
Steve shows you how to quickly and easily create AMAZING home recordings without spending a ton of money on expensive gear.

02 Audio Interfaces
Get Steve's recommendation on the audio interface that's best for your needs and current set up, so you don't waste time on things that won't work for you.

03 Recording Your First Track
Learn how to choose the PERFECT Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), so you can make quality recordings using FREE or paid software on your computer

04 Introduction to Virtual Studio Technology
Don't have a band to record with? Use virtual studio technology to fill in the gaps and get your music out there.

05 Creating Studio Quality Recordings
Find out why your recordings have CRAZY sounds and distortion, and what you can do to instantly make them sound cleaner and clearer.

06 Recording Wisdom
Ever wish your recordings sounded clean and clear? Steve reveals 6 must know recording tips that will help you get the BEST sound with the LEAST amount of effort.

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