GuitarZoom Masterclass Modes

GuitarZoom Masterclass Modes


01 Modes 101
Start your journey with Steve's step by step break down of each mode and how they relate to the major scale.

02 Choosing the Right Mode
Discover Steve's shortcut to always choose the right mode for your guitar solos.

03 Soloing With Modes
Get Steve's quick and easy guide to using modes to play more creative guitar solos and never play a solo that sounds like a boring scale again.

04 Jam Session
Learn when to use modes and really stand out at any live jam session.

05 Tips For Successful Soloing
A lot of soloing comes down to being confident and knowing how to keep going even if you mess up. Steve shares his best tips to keep things fun and make huge progress in your soloing for years to come.

06 Modes In The Real World
Steve will show you how to play famous licks and solos that use modes, and give you a plan to keep progressing on your guitar journey.

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