Udemy Learn Beatboxing Quickly and Easily!

Udemy Learn Beatboxing Quickly and Easily!

This course covers beatboxing with percussion and special effect sounds created only orally, along with other tricks for sequencing and rythms. Effects taught include base drum, hi hat, cymbals, snare drum, toms, tambourine, scratch, winds, high frequency whistling (chirping), bass effects, echo effects and creating rythms using various effects and sequencing. With some practice you'll be ready for stage performances of at least 3-5 minutes at one go. You will learn both solo beatboxing as well as accompanying percussion with other music.

Notably, 3D recordings and digital sequencing of sounds includes the use of certain applications like sequencers and stereo recorders but these are optional and a side topic for those interested.

I've learnt beatboxing by myself over the years and continously refined it, giving multiple stage performances over the last five years. This art certainly catches attention and appears highly impressive to many.

Also, I can verify that impressive beatboxing performance may be done with zero equipment and takes barely an hour to learn the art and perfection comes with practice. A mic is suggested if possible in case of a stage performance where audience is at some distance or if there is peripheral noise.

That is all about written description. Please watch the video to make sure I'm good enough!

So let's begin....

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