Ask Video Arturia V 108 The Emulator 2 Explored

Ask Video Arturia V 108 The Emulator 2 Explored

Arturia's Emulator II V is a recreation of E-Mu Systems' iconic 8-bit sampler that popularized sampling technology in the '80s. Learn how to use this reimagined instrument in this course, with trainer and synth expert Nigel Broad.

Released in 1984 to critical acclaim and used by top artists (such as Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode and so many more), the Emulator II played an important role in democratizing sampling technology. Compared to the Fairlight $32,000 price tag, the Emulator II was a bargain at the time at around $8000. However, finding a working unit nowadays is both difficult and much more expensive. Thanks to Arturia's Emulator II V, musicians can bring this classic sampler into the modern days. This course, by Nigel Broad will teach you all you need to know about Arturia's Emulator II V.

Nigel begins the course with some historic background on the original Emulator II instrument. He then gives an overview of the user interface and explains how to work with the preset browser and find exactly what you're looking for. Every feature of the front panel is then explained and demonstrated: the filter, the LFO, the VCA, the arpeggiator, etc. After covering the main controls, Nigel dives deep into the advanced panel and reveals how to get under the surface and master the true sampling power of this instrument.

So watch this course now, and master Arturia's Emulator II V with trainer and synth expert Nigel Broad.

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