Groove3 Apple Loops Explained

Groove3 Apple Loops Explained

Eli Krantzberg brings you a comprehensive collection of Apple Loops video tutorials! If you use Apple Logic Pro, you must take advantage of its powerful Apple Loops feature. Learn all about what Apple Loops are and how to use them in different ways to make producing in Logic Pro more exciting and inspiring! You also get all the Logic projects Eli creates throughout the video series, as well as the wav files so you can fully follow along with the videos on your Logic Pro system. These videos are designed for new Apple Loops users.

Eli welcomes you and first teaches you what Apple Loops are, including the four basic types and how they're used. Then you'll learn all the important management basics such as how the Auto Leveling function works, how to access the Preview Channel Strip that is used for Loop Browser playback, where the factory and user Apple Loops are stored on your hard drive, how to save Apple Loops with your project, and how to enable the high-quality playback algorithm.

Next you'll explore the category buttons and filtering by Loop Pack so you can quickly and easily find the right loop for your production. Then see how to use the Global Transposition track, as well as the Transposition, Fine Tuning, and Delay Region parameters to better fit your Apple Loops to your songs. Moving on, watch how the Groove Track feature is used to easily transfer the feel of an Apple Loop to freely played MIDI, and how Flex Time is used to quantize Apple Loops based on their embedded transient markers.

Throughout the rest of the videos Eli explains and explores topics like creating audio, software instrument, pattern, Drummer, untagged, and vocal Apple Loops, making a simple and elegant workflow for drum replacement or layering within an Apple Loop, ways to combine Apple Loops with Logic's powerful Quick Sampler and Drum Machine Designer, how to use Flex Pitch and Drum Machine Designer to transpose individual Apple Loop slices, cool ideas, tips, and tricks on how you can use Apple Loops together with Sampler and Alchemy's Additive Synthesis features, and much, much more!

To see what these in-depth Apple Loops tutorials teach you, and how they'll make you an Apple Loops ninja, see the individual Apple Loops video descriptions on this page. Discover the true power of Apple Loops and start making fresh new productions in Logic Pro today... Watch "Apple Loops Explained®" now!

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