Recording Revolution The EP Blueprint

Recording Revolution The EP Blueprint

What if 10 simple steps are all it takes to record, produce, and release music as an independent artist in 2020?

Even if you’ve always struggled to finish music in the past, these 10 steps will give you the roadmap to finally releasing music this year...

"The EP Blueprint"

An all-comprehensive online course that teaches you the 10 simple steps to making and releasing an EP as an independent artist in 2020

The EP Blueprint consists of 10 in-depth modules on each step of making and releasing your EP as an independent artist.

Each step builds on the next, taking you from generating song and production ideas, turning them into fully produced songs, and then mixing, mastering and releasing them online.

Let’s have a quick walkthrough on what’s inside each module:

Module 1: Planning Your EP
Module 2: Collaborators
Module 3: Creating Song Skeletons
Module 4: Writing Lyrics and Melodies
Module 5: Recording & Producing
Module 6: Mixing
Module 7: Mastering
Module 8: Readying Your EP
Module 9: Distributing Your EP
Module 10: Promoting Your EP


Course Conclusion/Recap

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