Groove3 UJAM STRIIIINGS Explained®

Groove3 UJAM STRIIIINGS Explained®

Eli Krantzberg brings you in-depth UJAM STRIIIINGS video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know about UJAM STRIIIINGS' features and functions, including how to use them creatively. You'll also see it in action, being used in a production and arrangement. These videos are for new UJAM STRIIIINGS users.

Eli starts by welcoming you and then explains the layout of the main UJAM STRIIIINGS interface and general workflow, followed by how the Style Phrases are laid out. Then learn about the Chord Recognition function, and hear the effect of Bass Note Inversions including the additions to the Standard Voicings, for total chord control.

Throughout the rest of the videos Eli teaches you how the pitch bend and modulation wheels are used for real-time performance control, customizing and saving presets, the differences when triggering in Note and Beat Sync modes, working with key switches to trigger STRIIIINGS style phrases, and real-time control of MIDI hardware knobs, sliders, and pedals by mapping them accordingly. To wrap up the video series, Eli shows you how to use STRIIIINGS in your own music, as well as create a short arrangement, built up from a piano sketch that incorporates four different instances of STRIIIINGS.

For more info on what these detailed UJAM STRIIIINGS tutorials show you, and how you can start using it fast and easy, read the individual UJAM STRIIIINGS video descriptions on this page. Learn how to add the glorious sound of real strings to your songs and productions now... Watch "UJAM STRIIIINGS Explained®" today!

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