MacProVideo iMovie 101 iMovie In Depth

MacProVideo iMovie 101 iMovie In Depth

Apple's latest version of iMovie includes all you need to make professional-looking movies. Dive deep into this iMovie course now to learn everything about it, from importing and editing your footage to exporting your movie masterpiece!

Whether you're looking to quickly edit family footage, create a fun Hollywood-style trailer, or produce a short film, iMovie's got you covered! At first glance, Apple's entry video-editing app may look easy to use, but it packs lots of functionalities hidden under the hood. This course, by iMovie expert Matt Vanacoro, is designed to take you step-by-step through every feature of iMovie. Watch it now, and get a full understanding of this powerful and free video editing app!

Matt starts the course by explaining the difference between Projects, Events and Media, a crucial concept to grasp to fully understand iMovie. Then, you learn different ways to import and organize your footage, and you discover how to add clips to the Timeline and start editing. From there, you get into iMovie's transition, color correction, and video stabilization features, while learning important key commands guaranteed to speed up your workflow. It's often said that "sound is half the picture", so there's a whole section on iMovie's audio features, where you learn about audio effects, noise reduction, music and sound effects. You also learn about adding Photos and titles to your project, how to work with iMovie on iOS devices, how to export your footage, how to quickly create a blockbuster trailer, and more...

So take a seat and grab some popcorn, because you're about to learn how to make a movie from start to finish with iMovie!

Section 1: Getting Started

Introduction to iMovie
Projects, Media, Events
Getting Footage From Your Camera
Importing Files From Other Places
Recording Directly From a Webcam

Section 2: Assembling

Putting Video in the Timeline
Trimming, Splitting, and Keyboard Shortcuts
Adding and Editing Transitions
Timeline Settings and Setup

Section 3: Modifying

Exposure, Color, and Auto Enhance
Cropping and Ken Burns
Stabilizing Shaky Video
Speed and Filters

Section 4: Sound

Adjusting Audio
EQ, Noise Reduction, and Audio Effects
Detaching and Trimming Audio
Adding Music and FX
Recording Voiceover

Section 5: Production

Titles and Text
Adding Photos Quickly
Overlay Clip Settings

Section 6: Finalizing

Playback Options
iOS Tips
Importing From iOS
Exporting Your Final Work
Bonus : Trailers!

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