WA Production Techno Groove And Sound Design

WA Production Techno Groove And Sound Design

If you want to learn the know-how of techno sound design then this course is for you! Dan Larsson walks you through the process of synthesizing every element of a catchy tehno groove starting with the kick and finishing it with the synth.

Video 1 - Techno Kick (9:50)
In this video Dan creates a basic kick drum using Serum.

Video 2 - Techno HiHats (14:05)
Dan creates nice hihats section using Ableton Operator, a ride and a closed hihat.

Video 3 - Techno Percussion (8:36)
Ableton Operator is the best tool for creating wicked percussion sounds. In this video Dan tells you the secret how to do it!

Video 4 - Techno Bass (9:20)
A techno bass is not always the easiest to make but in this video Dan breaks it down for you to make it easier for you!

Video 5 - Techno Synth (8:47)
The last step is to make a nice percussive synth sound that you can use not only in techno but basicaly in any other style that needs wicked percussion sounds.

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