WA Production Track From Scratch The Chainsmokers Style

WA Production Track From Scratch The Chainsmokers Style

In this course we are going to learn how to make a track in a similiar style as The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers are easily one of the most popular and successful EDM groups of all time, with multiple hits around the world, and even a Grammy award. Their combination of pop and dance music has been a trendsetting theme for popular music as a whole. In this course we start with a barebones template, and then turn it into a complete song. We go over every detail to make sure you understand exactly the types of sounds and techniques The Chainsmokers like to use in their songs.

Video 1 - Writing Chords, Melody & Bass Line (09:49)
In the first video we go over the elements of a typical Chainsmokers song, and we write some chords and a melody in their style. We talk about the types of melodies The Chainsmokers like to use.

Video 2 - Picking Sounds (11:06)
In this part we go over what sounds we picked for each musical element, we use mostly Serum, as well as 3xosc and Kontakt.

Video 3 - Filling Out The Template (12:25)
The third part has us filling out our template that we started the song with, and fine tuning it to go with the chords, melody, and bassline we wrote.

Video 4 - Full Song Arrangement (16:12)
We arrange all our pieces into a complete track, and we go over what mindset to have while turning an idea into a full track.

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