PUREMIX Jacquire King Episode 10 Recording The Lead Vocal

PUREMIX Jacquire King Episode 10 Recording The Lead Vocal

Now that the track has been laid down and the overdubs are finished, it's time to track Oak & Ash's lead singer, Rich Tuorto, as he lays down the vocals for "Keep The Light On."

Take an inside look at how a Grammy Award Winning Producer runs a vocal session efficiently and coaches the best performance possible from the artist.

Watch As Jacquire:

Sets up lead vocalist Rich Tuorto in the live room so that he is comfortable and can see the control room for communication
Explains his approach to the perfect headphone mix for the vocalist and teaches how to copy the current mix to a send in Pro Tools
Sets up AutoTune live for the singers headphone mix
Discusses master faders in Pro Tools
Coaches Rich through takes
Explains how he gives performers feedback to help the process
Breaks down why he records an autotune vocal and a clean vocal
Has his assistants document the settings for the lead vocal chain and backup everything before comping
Has Kolton Lee and Danny Pellegrini create a "Notes Comp", based on comments said during takes
Watch Jacquire King produce "Keep The Light On" from Oak & Ash from Start To Finish only on pureMix.net.

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