Nail The Mix Chris Crummett Dave Gavin Dance Young Robot

Nail The Mix Chris Crummett Dave Gavin Dance Young Robot

In the past In the past 16 years, Producer/Engineer Kris Crummett has worked with hundreds of bands and labels around the globe. He prides him himself on his ability to work efficiently anywhere while still having Interlace Audio as his home-base in Portland, OR. Kris has produced, mixed, and mastered some of this generation’s most dynamic rock/post-hardcore bands including Real Friends, I The Mighty, Sworn In, Sleeping With Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, and Issues.

“I grew up in a family filled with multiple generations of teachers, and there was always an emphasis on education in my life. But when I was a teenager, obsessed with music and recording, there weren’t very many avenues for learning actual, professional techniques. I would have killed for something like Nail The Mix when I was first developing engineering and producing skills. I’m stoked to be able to pass on knowledge to mix engineers that are as hungry as I was.” – Kris Crummett
This song was recorded at Kris Crummett’s hand built home studio.

Dance Gavin Dance is a long standing client of Kris’s – this is his 8th time working with them.
The music was written pre-recording, but the vocals were written in the band’s apartement as the rest of the production was on going. Tilian Pearson is an incredibly fast writer.
The flute is a spur of the moment creation, played by the guitarist’s girlfriend when she was visiting him at the studio.

Your biggest challenge in this mix will be creating a full and balanced mix without having a consistent heavy rhythm guitar to fall back on.
Be careful to mix the vocals so that they have their proper foreground mix placement, without losing any focus on any of the intricate guitar work.
Give the chorus the impact it needs as a chorus, even though dynamics and aggression wise it’s one of the mellowest parts of the song.
Every section of this song is like a unique scene. You’ll need to mix it so that each section stands on its own while still sounding like part of the same song.
Focus on creating a rich sonic landscape that’s polished, yet natural sounding.
These tracks were engineered to sound great on the way in. Be careful not to overcook them.

Mixer: Kris Crummett
Band: Dance Gavin Dance
Song: Young Robot
Album: Mothership
Session Files: The multi-tracks are 48 kHz, 32 bit WAV files.

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