Truefire Luther Dickinson Modern Mississippi Slide

Truefire Luther Dickinson Modern Mississippi Slide

Influenced by classic Memphis guitar, experimental psychedelic rock music, and regional hill country blues, Luther Dickinson developed a style of electrified, fingerstyle slide guitar that he calls Modern Mississippi.

We're thrilled to welcome Luther to the family with his first TrueFire course, Modern Mississippi Slide. You will likewise be thrilled as you play your way through the 18 performance studies that Luther presents across this highly informative, massively engaging curriculum!

Born in Memphis, Luther was heavily influenced by his father (famed singer, pianist and record producer Jim Dickinson) and the likes of Otha Turner, R. L. Burnside, and Junior Kimbrough. Luther toured and recorded with The Black Crowes, Southern Soul Assembly, and formed the North Mississippi Allstars with his brother Cody Dickinson, which went on to earn three Grammy nominations.

"Growing up in Memphis and North Mississippi exposed me to roots music of all sorts, especially RL Burnside, Fred McDowell, Junior Kimbrough and fife and drum music. Open tuning, fingerpicking, and slide have been integral aspects of the guitar ever since I was a small boy, banging out Bo Diddley on my first six string. 

I've designed this course to inspire and encourage players of all levels - I hope to unlock the mystery of slide guitar, fingerpicking and open tunings and get people comfortable with the way I love to play the guitar. Hopefully, a beginner can see how simple and fun it can be and advanced players will find inspiration to do their thing! “

As you work through the course, Luther will share essential history, anecdotes, while revealing dozens of authentic and modern slide and fingerstyle techniques. For each of the 18 performance studies, Luther will first perform the study and then break it down emphasizing the techniques in play.

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