SkillShare Creative Songwriting For Beginners

SkillShare Creative Songwriting For Beginners

If you love music and have always wanted to explore writing a song but don't know where to start, or you are familiar with songwriting but need some new techniques or help overcoming writers block? This class is for you!

I have been lucky enough to have over 20 years experience in the Music Industry as a Singer, Songwriter, Producer. She is the Founder of PeakMusicUK and Co-Founder of M@LO & The Magpie - a production agency.
My journey started at the Brit School, I later qualified as a Sound Engineer and is also a Native Instruments Certified Specialist and an Engineer/Producer at Fitzrovia Post.

This class will give you the skills to write song lyrics to help convey your emotions to your listeners.

You will learn:

Why song titles are so important.
Basic principles of song form.
Tempos of different genres of song.
Structures that make a song appealing to the listener.
How the different parts of a song come together.
The skills you need to be a successful songwriter.
I will be getting you to practice how to get yourself into a space and mindset to start writing a song. I will also give you valuable tools along the way and I will be encouraging you to collaborate with class members during the process to help build your confidence around songwriting.

Practicing songwriting has multiple benefits and is proven to help with the following:


Improved mood
Better overall psychological well-being
Less depressive/anxiety symptoms
Improved confidence HEALTH
Lower blood pressure
Improved lung and liver function
Improved short-term memory SOCIAL
Higher grade point average for students
Altered social and linguistic behaviour
Creative songwriting is a set of skills can be improved through practice and perseverance. You don’t need to be born with this talent and there is no need for any prior experience of songwriting!

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