Truefire Joe Robinson Creative Fingerstyle Transformations

Truefire Joe Robinson Creative Fingerstyle Transformations

Joe Robinson’s Creative Fingerstyle Transformations examines how to transform six of the most popular song progressions from a basic form to an embellished version, and then finally, to a version with more intricate lines and more sophisticated fingerstyle embellishments.

You’ll work on major and minor blues progressions, the one-five-six-four progression, a one-six-two-five, a one-four-one-five, and a progression that descends diatonically through the key. For each arrangement, Joe will first transform it for you and then break it down for you in detail. As you play your way through the course you’ll discover a wide variety of creative approaches that you can apply to virtually any chord progression to spice up your own songs and arrangements.


44 Video Lessons
18 Charts (.pdf)
18 Tabs (.gp5 or .ptb)
Runtime: 01:45:12

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