Truefire Blair Dunlop Songsmith Open Spaces

Truefire Blair Dunlop Songsmith Open Spaces

The rich textures and expressive colors possible with open tunings will breathe new life into any song performance. Every new tuning you become familiar with presents a fresh harmonic landscape for your own original compositions while also providing you with creative options for crafting distinctive performances of cover tunes.

We'll focus on a variety of my own favorite open tunings in this edition. As we explore these open tunings, we'll also focus on a variety of right-hand techniques and rhythm approaches to help make your performances really stand out.

We'll then put those open tunings, techniques and creative approaches to work across 8 song performance studies using my own compositions. After each performance, I'll break it down, section by section, emphasizing the key techniques and approaches in play.

Whether you're covering songs or composing your own, feel free to use any of the techniques, tunings, chord voicings, or creative approaches in your own playing and compositions.

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