BassGorilla Modern Drum and Bass Production in Ableton Live with Joe Ford

BassGorilla Modern Drum and Bass Production in Ableton Live with Joe Ford

In this course by drum and bass giant Joe Ford, you’ll learn how to create powerful drums and roaring basses by implementing advanced sound design techniques Joe uses to create his signature drum n bass sounds. By the end of this course, you’ll have every tool needed to create a modern, exciting drum and bass track! To celebrate the release of the course we interviewed Joe to learn more about his history and influences.

Results You Can Expect From This Course
This Course Will Give You The Knowledge And Skills You Need To:

Step up your sound design skills by learning simple yet effective techniques professionals use to create mind-boggling sounds
Create punchy kicks that will get you the perfect backbone for a solid, smashing drum and bass track
Design your own reese and wobble bass sounds for a striking low end using techniques like filtering, EQ, compression and adding interesting FX
Add color and dynamics to your tracks by creating compelling drum and bass drops- guaranteed to blow your audience’s minds
Design impressive snare sounds from scratch by employing advanced snare synthesis techniques
Develop a professional sound by learning how to mix and master your tracks to professional modern standards

Tutorials In This Course

Module 1: Kick design
Module 1: Snare design
Module 1: Hats and percussion design
Module 2: Wob bass synthesis
Module 2: Rees bass synthesis
Module 2: FX Design
Module 3: Writing the drop
Module 4: Mixing and loudness

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