Groove3 Producing EDM Vocals in Logic Pro X

Groove3 Producing EDM Vocals in Logic Pro X

EDM producer Larry Holcombe is your guide through the journey of producing professional EDM vocals using Logic Pro X. See Larry cover it all, making EDM vocals that have impact and shine.

This series is designed for those who want to know the finer points of producing vocals in the EDM genre, and get the results that make the difference between "ok" vocals, and ones that are radio-ready.

Although shot with Logic Pro X, you can still gain valuable information from this series. Larry also uses Revoice Pro and Ozone Dynamic EQ in some videos as alternatives for getting the job done.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you produce EDM and want to get vocal tracks that stand out and have that wow factor, check out "Producing EDM Vocals in Logic Pro X" today.

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