Truefire Gareth Pearson DIY Country Blues

Truefire Gareth Pearson DIY Country Blues

Learning how to play country blues tunes can be challenging for sure, but if you focus your time and efforts on the most essential techniques and approaches -- building your skills, level by level, from the ground up, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get there. This accelerated, efficient approach is what Gareth Pearson’s DIY Country Blues.

”We’ll play our way through this entire course starting at level 1, where we focus on alternating basslines and thumb independence - an absolute MUST for country blues. In level 2, we’ll work on building right hand syncopation between the basslines and melody notes. Level 3 focuses on arpeggio-based banjo roll exercises and in level 4, we’ll tackle the “claw”, a pianistic approach you gotta know. Finally, in the fifth level we focus on cascading, banjo-style licks - embellishments that you find often in this genre.

Once you’ve polished your skills in the first five performance studies, you’ll be ready to take on our final DIY performance study - an original country blues tune that incorporates everything we’ve worked on so far.”

Gareth will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way. You’ll get standard notation and tabs for all of the performance studies. Plus, you’ll be able to use TrueFire’s learning tools to sync the tab and notation to the video lesson. You can also loop or slow down the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace.

Grab your guitar and let's dig into some DIY Country with Gareth Pearson!

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