Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Blues Riff Blueprints Vol.1

Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Blues Riff Blueprints Vol.1

Welcome to Guitar Lab: Blues Riff Blueprints Vol. 1.

If you're going to build a house, you better have some blueprints to follow. This series of courses will provide sonic blueprints for strong effective blues motifs. These blueprints will be presented through melodic formulas as applied to the I7, IV7, and V7 chords. The term blueprint will also provide a systematic organization of various layouts of the melodic motifs on the fretboard. An emphasis on rhythmic organization of the pitches in a motif will give you countless ways to apply them to both shuffle and straight 1/8 grooves. You will also be given technical suggestions for improving your execution of these blues riffs, and also for creating variations of a melodic idea.

About Brad Carlton
February 5th, 1970 -That was the day I began my lifelong career of guitar education. Since then, I've discovered my passion truly lies in inspiring my students to realize their musical dreams. I am a self-taught musician, and throughout my 50+ years of teaching I've been a student of how people learn. My role as a coach is to teach you how to know and hear the information in your head, see it on your instrument, and execute it with flawless technique. I've instructed literally thousands of students ranging from absolute beginners to season…


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