Lynda Advanced Electric Bass with Billy Sheehan

Lynda Advanced Electric Bass with Billy Sheehan

In this course, Billy Sheehan distills knowledge from thousands of gigs into a series of tips and techniques geared toward the advanced bass guitarist. To begin, Billy shares his advice regarding equipment setup. Next, he dives into bass techniques, going into the economy of motion for guitar playing, moving around the neck, and pinch harmonics. To wrap up, he provides a detailed look at his rack system, discussing his dual pickup system, bi-amping, and compression, as well as the back of the rack. He shares his expertise on compression, amps, strap length, and more, so you can try your hand at Billy's custom pickup and right-hand technique.

Topics include:

•Working with a dual pickup system
•Strap length
•The D-tuner
•Practice techniques
•Bending with the neck
•Moving around the neck

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