Groove3 Logic Pro Preparing to Mix Explained

Groove3 Logic Pro Preparing to Mix Explained

Logic maven Chris Vandeviver delivers comprehensive Logic Pro video tutorials! Watch and learn everything you need to know to prepare your project for mixing, so you have the best Logic project environment and workflow, making it much easier to mix your music and get the best results. These videos are for those who are new to Logic Pro, but are familiar with its layout and have some prior experience using it.

To begin, Chris welcomes you and goes over what you'll be learning throughout the video series. He then starts at the beginning, demystifying some common pre-mix questions such as "what is the best recording level when recording into Logic", and "what is double-tracking" and how it can add both width and power to your tracks. Then it's onto good project management practices such as proper naming, icon usage, and creating and utilizing markers for easy arranging and navigation while mixing.

Chris then goes over important individual track clean up and optimization tips with videos on the best ways to remove silence and dead space, apply fade ins, outs, and crossfades to ensure tight, seamless, click-free edits. You'll also see how to identify between mono and stereo tracks, how to switch a mono track to stereo (and vice versa), and how to ensure you're truly panning your stereo tracks while mixing.

Logic's Track Stack feature is then explained and explored and you'll discover how it is a wonderful tool to easily organize, group, and route your tracks into collapsable and expandable folders which can then be processed as an entire group of tracks, as if they were a single instrument. Throughout the rest of the videos Chris goes over how to set the perfect levels for your tracks before you start to mix, how to effectively use sends, busses, and auxiliary channels, and once your mix is done, the different circumstances for bouncing your Logic projects and the best settings for each situation.

To see what these in-depth Logic Pro X mixing video tutorials show you, and how they'll prepare you to make the best mix of your music possible, see the individual Logic Pro mixing tutorial descriptions on this page. Make mixing your songs and productions much easier today... Watch "Logic Pro X: Preparing to Mix Explained®" now.

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