Udemy Introduction to Piano Technique

Udemy Introduction to Piano Technique

What you'll learn

Students will know exactly what to study in each day of the program.
Students will understand the core elements of a good Piano Technique.
Student will develop a system and a good technique routine.


You do need to have an acoustic piano, keyboard or MIDI controller in order to practice the exercises.
A good internet connection is recomendable to watch the videos in your computer or mobile device.
No previous music knowledge is required.


Do you want to improve your piano technique and DO NOT KNOW where to start?

This course is for you!!!!

This course is a 4 weeks program, dedicated to all those piano beginners that truly want to practice technique buy maybe after have tried many times, still do not know how to do it.

I am going to guide you step by step through 100% practical tutorials on what to practice each day of the program with all the details on how to do it aswell.

4 weeks = Very easy to follow exercises that will help you on developing a good technique.

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