MixWithTheMasters Deconstructing A Mix 12

MixWithTheMasters Deconstructing A Mix 12

In this exclusive 2-hour video, Grammy and TEC award-winning producer/engineer Ed Cherney mixes the song "Game on" by The Rides, the blues supergroup featuring the vocals and guitars of Stephen Stills and Kenny Wayne Shepherd and keys by Barry Goldberg. Working in the legendary Studio A at The Village in Los Angeles, Ed combines a classic Neve 8048 console with Pro Tools to create a seamless hybrid working environment. Ed takes the original tracks (that he'd recorded himself) and goes through the process of creating a finished mix, bringing together discrete elements to form a sonic space that preserves the energy and honest realism of the performance.

While discussing everything from drum balance and guitar placement to treating the vocal, Ed also delves into more general issues facing mix engineers - he discusses the importance of great tracking, instilling confidence in clients while respecting their wishes, proper listening levels, when to use effects and automation and when to leave things alone... and the importance of having a pencil on your console.

Grammy and TEC award-winning producer/engineer Ed Cherney was known for his work with a wide array of artists, among them Sting, Iggy Pop, Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones, to name just a few

Over the course of his career, Cherney amassed four Grammy awards and one Emmy.

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