Udemy Beyond the Licks

Udemy Beyond the Licks

So why learn from ME?

I started playing the guitar almost 20 years ago. I went to university and got my Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Classical Guitar. Right after graduating, I was offered a full-time teaching position in the local public schools where I have built the BEST guitar programs in my city. I currently hold two teaching certifications with over 500 Professional Development hours. While teaching High School, I focused on expanding my musical career. I have worked with many artists such as:

Are you just noodling around on the guitar without any real goals?

Do you feel like you haven't progressed in a while or have a lack of motivation?

Perhaps you're bored with the same licks you play over and over...

What you'll learn

20 Awesome & Diverse Guitar Licks and Tricks
Guitar Techniques that can be Applied TODAY
Different Approaches to Musical Ideas
Musical Phrasing across a Wide Range of Genres
IMPROVE your Melodic Soloing and Improvisation
Alternate Picking and Tapping Licks

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