Udemy The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Course 2020

Udemy The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Course 2020

Become a professional Music, And learn how to create music , record and mix and master song

What you'll learn
How to set up and navigate around Logic Pro X
How to record and edit audio
How to use samples
Understanding Music Theory
Master the piano roll section
How to Timestretch Audio
Produce House music like a pro
Mixing stems
How to create Drum kit
How to use Splice

You will need to purchase Logic Pro x
You need a Computer with macOS
M1 plugin or M1 trial

If you want to produce professional music like Calvin Harris/Diplo/Skrillex/MK/Sonny fodera this course is for you.

Learn to produce quick and music sounding good
Learn how to record
Learn how to write music and edit midi and audio
Learn how to mix your songs like a pro so can be played in cars
Learn how to use VST/Plugins
Follow step by step and I will show you tricks and tips

Once you purchased this course message me, I will send you a link which will be a folder with the latest sounds and the best drums for your music for free.

Who this course is for:
people who have no experience with Logic Pro x
people who want to learn how to produce house music
people who want to mix there own track

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