ADSR Sounds Novation SL MkIII Explained

ADSR Sounds Novation SL MkIII Explained

More than a simple Keyboard Controller, the Novation SL MkIII is a centre hub for making music with both software AND hardware. In this course we will look at both!

Learn how the SL MkIII can connect and control your creative processes for an improved workflow in this 4-part course with experienced tutor and producer TAETRO. Whether you’re a producer, a performer, beginner or a more experienced artist, get going with Novation SL MkIII today!


This course is designed to get you up and running with the SL MkIII as quickly and efficiently as possible. 4 Laser focused videos will walk you through how to set up the SL MkIII in Ableton Live; Take you through a workflow by making a track with SLMK III and your DAW; use the SL MkIII to control other hardware; and at the same time, explore key functions including sequencer, zones, arpeggiator and scale mode


Watch, Listen and Learn – our easy to follow video instruction introduce you to classic techniques and technical insights
4 walkthrough videos each providing a mandatory lesson on getting the most out of the Novation SL MkIII keyboard controller.
Total runtime 66 minutes
Practical instruction by an experienced tutor
Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

Course Overview
Meet your tutor and go through what you’ll learn in this course

Introduction & Setting Up SL MKIII with Ableton
Take a walkthrough of the physical features of the SL MkIII
Learn how to set up the SL MkIII with Ableton Live
Explore inbuilt in control functions

Get a feel for the workflow and start creating a track using the SL MkIII
During this lesson you will Explore inbuilt scale functions, laying down some loops, record ideas to arrangement & more!

Hardware, Arp & Sequencer
Learn how to use SL MkIII Sequencer to control hardware (demonstrated using the Novation Circuit)
How to control multiple instruments using zones
Touch on Novations Components

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