Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0 Pro Bundle

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else 2.0 Pro Bundle

The flagship of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, the world famous How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course.

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else comes in three flavors: the Complete Course, the Pro Bundle and the Gold Bundle.

Whether you are just getting started or are a multi platinum recording artist, this is the one!


Pro Bundle

Volume 1
Singing Terms & Definitions
Breathing Techniques
Lip & Tongue Exercises
Vowel Modifications
Vowel Exercises
Vocal Tract Shaping
Addressing Stage Fright
Understanding Pitch
Improving Pitch
Beginner Student

Volume 2
Release Valves
Growing Your Passagio
Consonants & Glottal Stops
Psychology of Singing

Volume 3
Vowel Triads
Major Scales
Inverted Scales
Overcoming Hoarseness
Stamina Workouts
Distortion & Grit
Finding Your Own Voice
Vocal Health & Wellness

Volume 4
Headvoice Introduction
Descending Vowel EE
Descending Vowel AY

Descending Vowel AH
Descending Vowel OOH
Descending Agility Vowel E
Descending Agility Vowel AYE
Descending Agility Vowel AH
Descending Agility Vowel OOH
Ascending Agility Vowels OOH-OH-AH-AYE-EE
Ascending Agility Vowels AYE-EE-AH-OH-OO
Inverted Scale AYE - A
2-Octave Scales AYE - A
3-Octave Scaels AYE-A
Song Applications
Closing Comments

Volume 5
Mixed Voice Student Training Session Dudes
Mixed Voice Student Training Session Girls
Training Session Intro
Slider Exercise
Hanging Notes Exercise
Inverted Scale Exercise
Descending Scale Exercise
Song Applications
Vocal Tones And Textures
Mixed Voice Student Song Application
Blending Mixed Voice & Blending For Choral - I See You
Mixed Voice - Sing Like Bobby Kimball
Mixed Voice Application - Micky Thoma

Pro Packs
Singing Pop
Singing Classic Rock
Singing Rock
Singing Metal
Singing Harmony
How to Write Songs
How to Write Lyrics
Recording Your Vocals
Student coaching recordings (Rock)
Student coaching recordings (Pop)
Rock Singing Demonstrations
Arranging Background Vocals
Singing & Playing at the Same
Vocal Licks & Tricks
Guitar Chords
Guitar Licks & Tricks

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