Groove3 Dorico 3 The New Features Explained

Groove3 Dorico 3 The New Features Explained

Doug Zangar brings you a comprehensive Dorico 3 video tutorial series! Learn all about the new features added in version 3 and how to use them when writing your music and scores. This series is for users who already know how to use Dorico and want to learn about the new version 3 features.

Doug greets you and then starts with Dorico’s new darker look, the under-the-hood improvements, new MIDI preference settings, and a tour of the Olympus Choir Micro, including hearing it in action. Next, Doug shows you how to view and customize your condensed Score View, use the new guitar notation options, Chord Symbol & Slash Regions creation, as well as numerous notation improvements made throughout Dorico.

Moving on you'll explore Grouped Playing Techniques, Harp Pedaling, creating and using Custom Playback Templates, the powerful new MIDI monitoring and editing features, using the new Modeless Project Window, upgraded Tokens features, new ways to work with Lyrics and Comments and much, much more!

To see what these in-depth Dorico tutorials show you, and how they'll help you to get going with the new features added in version 3, see the individual Dorico 3 video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn Dorico 3 and start taking your notation and scores to the next level... Watch “Dorico 3: New Features Explained®” today.

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