Udemy Virtuosic technique of piano play in 12 minutes a day

Udemy Virtuosic technique of piano play in 12 minutes a day

Learn how to play on the piano fast, without investing too much time

This course contains my techniques of finger speed development, which surpasses in efficiency standard exercises for the development of playing techniques - scales and exercises of Ganon.

The exercises themselves are very simple and you only need 12 minutes to train all the fingers of both hands. Forget about 40-minute training scales and exercises of Ganon.

In this course I will explain:

- what are the disadvantages of other methods of developing the correct playing technique.
- How to practice properly.
- what errors you may encounter while doing the exercises.
- and also, I will show some additional exercises.

The course is best suited for:

- Those who have just started to play and feel that their fingers are wooden, that they do not respond well, and you you can't make them move faster.

- suitable for those who have problems with "weak" fingers - as a rule - those are 4th and 5th fingers. They are difficult to develop by other exercises, and exercises from this course cope with this task perfectly!

- This course is also suitable for those who have not played for a long time and want to restore their technique of play.
- For those who have one hand weaker than the other and require separate exercises. Our exercises allow you to train your hands separately and you will be able to develop your weak hand or to disperse even faster the stronger one.

The course is NOT suitable for you:

- If you have initially fast fingers, you can quickly and easily make simple things, but difficult passages do not work out - you miss keys or you can not hold the speed. This is a problem of accuracy, not finger speed. It requires completely different training.

In all other cases, the course is suitable and will allow you to quickly (1-2 weeks), and significantly increase the speed of your fingers, and with constant training quickly overtake the speed of those who play scales for 30-40 minutes a day.

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