Groove3 Mixing with Pro Tools 2019

Groove3 Mixing with Pro Tools 2019

Kenny Gioia brings you a collection of mixing with Pro Tools tutorials! Learn how to mix music using Pro Tools 2019 and get a professional sound. These Pro Tools 2019 mixing videos are designed for the person who knows their way around Pro Tools, but wants to see and hear how to use Pro Tools to mix a song and get that "radio ready sound". You also get the Wav files so you can follow along and mix on your DAW!

Kenny welcomes you and introduces the track you're going to be mixing, "Scars" by Lybrandt. He then shows how to set up Pro Tools 2019 for mixing, import and re-order the tracks, add color to them, and set the song tempo. Next, Kenny takes you through creating a rough mix by adjusting faders, pans, and using clip gain to normalize your audio levels for proper mixing.

Moving on, you'll learn how to setup Stereo Buss FX & Markers, dial in the vocal sound for the song, make the drums sound great, how to mix the Bass DI and Amp tracks together with proper phase, create great guitar tones, craft the different keyboards to fit in the mix, use VCA Groups and Automation to make things pop out and fully engage the listener, and much more!

To see what each mixing tutorial shows you and how it can help you mix music in Pro Tools 2019, see the individual Pro Tools tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're new to mixing in Pro Tools, or just want to see another engineer's approach, this series of Pro Tools 2019 mixing videos will help you mix music like an expert... See how to make great mixes with Pro Tools, watch “Mixing in Pro Tools 2019” today

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