Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 44 with Dom Kane

Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 44 with Dom Kane

Mau5trap's Dom Kane is back with us once again this week for a new set of Tech Tips, this time in Ableton as we join him in his studio where he's working on a radio edit.

Over these 10 videos we get a detailed insight into some of his pro tips and tricks he uses to fine tune, speed up workflow, enhance and ultimately finalise a track

These tips are all about keeping things simple and taking time to choose the correct sounds and methods to get from A to B so you're not re-visiting elements over and over.
Covering aspects such as where to place your compressor in the chain, or if you even need one at all, to adding stereo or presence to different elements and EQing certain frequencies to keep your tracks clean and make them stand out.

A set of videos that reminds us that taking care in your choices can be super beneficial in your overall satisfaction when reaching the final stages of your production.

Go check it out!

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