Groove3 U Produce Techno

Groove3 U Produce Techno

Larry Holcombe brings you a collection of Techno production tutorials! Learn how to produce Techno music and make authentic Techno tracks. These Techno production videos are designed for the new Techno producer who has experience using a DAW, as well as for those who who are seasoned at making this genre, but just want some fresh ideas.

To begin, Larry welcomes you and gives you a play through of the Techno track you'll be creating together, followed by an in-depth look at building a strong foundation for the track with the Kick and its sonic rumble, by combining Kick synthesis, sample layering and manipulating found sounds.

Next you'll discover how to add FX loops and craft an all-mighty 303 style synth line that really moves the song along. Larry then shows you how to add more drums and starts to hash out the arrangement, followed by making fat Bass stabs, using automation for interest, making a classic Hoover sound, fine-tuning the arrangement, basic mixing techniques for Techno, and how to apply limiters to the busses to help tame transients and use a mastering chain to glue it all together!

To see what each tutorial shows you and how it can help you produce Techno music, see the individual Techno production tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're new to producing Techno, or just want more ideas and techniques on the subject, this series of tutorial videos will help you produce and mix Techno music like a pro... See how to make modern techno tracks today with “U Produce™ Techno”

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