Armada University Finish My Record Ørjan Nilsen

Armada University Finish My Record Ørjan Nilsen

If you’re going to mention the name of Ørjan Nilsen in a conversation, chances are you’ve also called him a master of melodies a number of time. Since he got picked up by Armin van Buuren himself for his debut release on Armada Music, the Norwegian star producer dropped masterpiece after masterpiece, from iconic tunes such as ‘La Guitarra’ and ‘Between The Rays’ to his recent artist album, ‘Prism’.

A truckload of raw talent, hard work and consistency have helped him remain one of the biggest names in dance music and a leading name at every major dance event in the world. In this incredible ‘Finish My Record’ course, you’ll get clued up on the techniques Ørjan uses to craft his finely tuned and lauded sound. See him create melodies, manipulate samples, create signature effects and atmospheres and much more as he becomes your tutor and reveals his signature production techniques.


2 hours, 20 minutes of exclusive content
Platform: Cubase
Contest available for users of all DAWs

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