Adoriany Learn How to Produce a Song for Video

Adoriany Learn How to Produce a Song for Video

You are wondering why are you on this page?!

Well, wonder no more - because I'm about to answer your question!

It's simple - You are here because you have a burning passion for making music!

You listen and learn all the time about the latest audio plugins and audio production software.

You are searching and learning about the very best tips and solutions for improving your audio production skills.

You are composing, producing, mixing and mastering your music.

You want to be the best you can be at what you do and, you are improving...




You are daydreaming about the moment you are going to live from making music because, you know it's possible!!!

Indeed - it is possible to make money from making music and there are so many ways to do it!

One of these ways is - to produce music for videos!

If you don't believe me - just open YouTube and I bet 99.99% of the videos there - are having some sort of music and, most of the times - the music is monetized.

Intros, vlogs, outros, vines, pranks, product reviews, unboxing videos, documentaries, cat videos - they all have a song playing.

Who produced that music?

- Producers like you, who like making music and figured out a way of making money from their music!

Can you do it???


As you'll see in my course on - "Learn How to Produce Music for Video" - this is actually simple and a fun way to do it because, you don't have to search a lot for an idea for the song. It is a simple song for video. You don't have to create a hit for video, just something enjoyable that people will buy to accompany their videos.

And speaking about ideas - you already have up to a hundred or more of unfinished ideas on your computer... and maybe, just maybe they are not meant to become some #1 Radio Hits... will you agree that they deserve to be finished as songs for videos, in order to make you money?

I bet we agree on this one :)

If not, you can always continue to make and store unfinished ideas on your computer, OR you can start today doing what you were planning to do for so long - making money from your music!

The "Learn How to Produce a Song for Video" course covers all steps from searching an idea for your song - up to the finished audio product ready for distribution, because the 4 Chapters cover:

How to set up a session for producing a song.
How to find an idea for the song.
How to produce a song faster.
How to let your inspiration going free of set rules.
How to mix a song.
How to clean up the tracks in the mix.
How to master a song.
How to set the proper levels for the master.
How to use simple techniques for making the best mix you can.
How to enjoy your passion for sound.
And the best part - you will have the exact session I produced so you can follow along!

After enrolling, you can download the Pro Tools session I work on in my course, but if you use another DAW - you can still download the Pro Tools Session and import the audio files into your DAW.

And I know, you may again wonder - "what if I don't want to make music for videos"?
Well, you don't have to.
BUT - you can still apply the techniques from this course and produce a song - from an idea to a finished audio product - no matter its destination!!!

The tools you'll need for this course are: a DAW, some plugins (an equalizer, a compressor, a limiter and maybe a saturator and an analyzer) and (this is important) - passion for sound!!!

So, I think it's enough waiting - let's do this!

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