SkillShare Drum Programming Masterclass Part 3 Advanced Programming

SkillShare Drum Programming Masterclass Part 3 Advanced Programming

This is a class designed for music producers who are ready to get serious about drum programming. The art of programming drums on a MIDI grid, in drum machines, or with audio files can be tricky to master but when you finish this class, your tracks will have the extra energy that comes from professional drum tracks.

I'll be using Ableton Live and some Logic in this course, but it will be easy to following along on whatever program you are most comfortable with. We will start the class off with explanation of working with samplers, and working on the MIDI grid. Then we will learn to adapt that pattern to work for a number of different styles, including Drum and Bass, Trap, and Dubstep.

DRUM PROGRAMMING MASTERCLASS, PART 3: ADVANCED DRUM PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES is a comprehensive class - that means there are three (3!) different classes that together make the complete sequence. This is Part 3.

Also in the class we will be doing a number of analysis projects. That just means we will load up some tracks, and re-construct the beat in the track. Doing this will help us to see how those beats are built, and guide us in making our own beats. And as a special bonus, I'm going to give you a LOT of MIDI files in this class of all the beats we've made. Throughout the class I'll be giving you whole sessions you can download and use in your own tracks.

Topics include:
Tools of the trade
Finding the beat in a track
Matching swing settings (or not)
Using multiple beats on the same track
Programming Hip Hop Beats
Transitions and the Beat
"The Breath"
Transition Examples
Sidechaining (side-chain)
Programming Footwork beats
Pitch and Drums
Tuning Kick samples
Melodic Percission
Mixing drums
Frequency space and drums
Programming Funk
Programming Glitch
Using Glitch plugins
FREE plugins for advanced techniques
... And much more!!!

Analysis Tracks:
Snoop Dogg: Nothing But a G Thang
Eminem: Loose Yourself
Dessa: Skeleton Key
Boylen: High Life
DJ Slugo: 114799
The Meters: Cissy Strut
James Brown: Cold Sweat
Prince: Sexy MF
The Winstons: Amen Brother
You will not have another opportunity to learn Beat Programming in a more comprehensive way that this. Start here.

The course is a roadmap to MAKING STUNNING TRACKS with better drums.

All the tools you need to produce great drum tracks are included in this course and the entire course is based on real-life experiences - not just academic theory.

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