Ask Video Cubase 10 501 Studio Series Recording Guitars

Ask Video Cubase 10 501 Studio Series Recording Guitars

How do you best record great sounding guitar and bass tracks with Steinberg’s Cubase? Join guitarist and audio engineer Joshua Carney in this in-action course to learn how it’s done!

Recording guitar is both an art and a science... the trick is to achieve the perfect blend between the two! In this advanced course, Cubase expert Joshua Carney shares the creative and technical secrets you need to know to record great guitar tones and edit perfect takes... every time!

Joshua starts the course by covering important technical concepts you need to understand, such as DI, signal levels and impedance. He demonstrates how to record and edit DI electric guitars, and he explains how to get the exact tone you’re looking for using Cubase’s extensive list of modelled amps, cabs, mics and pedals. Recording and editing bass is also explained and demonstrated.

All the different microphone types (dynamic, ribbon and condenser), polar patterns, and miking techniques are covered in depth. In a mic shootout, Joshua demonstrates various microphone brands and models, and he shares tips to help you pick the best mic for the job. You also learn about reamping, signal flow, recording acoustic guitar and a lot more!

Whether you’re recording in a studio or at home, this advanced course by pro engineer Joshua Carney is guaranteed to take your Cubase guitar recording skills to that next level!

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